January 3-9

Upon completion of this module, the student will be able to:
1. Create a Google account.
2. Create a Google Home Page.
3. Install the Google toolbar.
4. Create a wiki.

Grading for Module
1 hour credit (All parts of the assignment must be complete to earn credit. No partial credit can be given.)
Journal entry on wiki
Discussion participation
Product- Wiki & Google Home Page


Wikis are collaborative, editable web pages. Multiple people can edit your pages, and each change is recorded so you can collaborate with everyone in your organization. Your wiki saves every version of each page so that if a mistake is made, you can just revert back to a previous version. Your wiki for this class will be your portfolio for embedding/linking your work and recording your ideas for using the various Google resources in the classroom.

Google is more than just a search tool. It has tons of resources that can be used in the classroom making it easy to create and share.


1. Create a Google Account and iGoogle homepage by following the instructions in "Section 1- Google Account & iGoogle". NOTE: The gadgets you add to your iGoogle page can be either school related or based on your personal interests.
2. Save a screen shot of your iGoogle homepage (you will insert this onto a wiki page later) (see instructions in Section 1 below).
3. Follow the directions in "Section 2- Google Toolbar" to download and install the Google toolbar on your computer. You may want to install it on both your school and home computers.
4. Scroll to the top of this page and click the DISCUSSION tab. Answer the discussion question found there.
5. Watch the video in "Section 3- What is a wiki?" to learn about wikis.
6. Use the instructions in "Section 4- Create a Wikispace" to create a wiki. Your wikispace will be your portfolio for this class.
  • Name your wiki "gcisdgoogle-yourname".
  • Set the permissions to "Protected" so that only you can edit the page but we can all see it.
  • To the Home page, add a brief introduction to yourself (your campus, what you teach, what you hope to gain from this class). Include your Google Account name in your introduction.
  • Add a new page called "iGoogle". As we work through the course, you will create a page for each module for embedding your work and journaling your ideas.
  • On your "iGoogle" wiki page, insert the screenshot you saved of your iGoogle homepage and write your thoughts about iGoogle and the gadgets that you choose to insert on your homepage.
7. Fill out the form on the "Participant Wikis" page (http://gcisdgoogle.wikispaces.com/Participant+Wikis)
8. Read the answers to the discussion question posted by your fellow classmates. Respond to any that you feel strongly about or have something to add.

Section 1 : Create a Google Account & iGoogle


Google Account & iGoogle Instructions

Using PrintKey2000
to Create a Screenshot

Section 2 : Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar

Adding buttons

Section 3: What is a wiki?

Wikis in Plain English

Section 4: Create a Wikispace

Create an account-


Want to learn more about creating and customizing wikis?
GCISD FULL Training Manual:
external image pdf.png WikiSpacesQS.pdf

Customizing the Theme, Colors and Logo on Your Wiki
external image pdf.png Wiki-CustomizeLook.pdf

Best Practices for Using Wikis in the Classroom: