February 14-20

Upon completion of this module, the student will be able to:
1. Create a Google calendar.
2. Add events to a Google calendar.
3. Share a Google calendar.
4. Embed a Google calendar on a wiki or Schoolwires web page.

Grading for Module
1 hour credit (All parts of the assignment must be complete to earn credit. No partial credit can be given.)
Journal entry
Discussion participation
Product- Embedded Google Calendar


Google Calendar is an easy way for teachers, administrators and students to share time-related info like team schedules, assignment deadlines and school holidays. Anyone who needs to view a calendar can use it from any Internet-connected computer and access it on existing school web pages or within their own Google Calendar account. Changes made by a calendar organizer are automatically seen by anyone who checks, which makes outdated versions a thing of the past.

You can set up separate calendars for each of your classes and share each one with a designated group of students, parents or the entire community. You can use Google Calendar to share info about class topics and descriptions for each session; assignment deadlines; test and quiz dates; and field trips and other activities. You can also use calendars to organize your schedules with other teachers and administrators. And administrators can use calendars to keep students and families updated about holidays, parent-teacher conference dates and other school-wide events.

Between classes, assignments, team schedules, and personal appointments, it's tough for students to keep track of everything that's going on in their lives. Google Calendar can help, and it's easy, because teachers, coaches, and other group organizers are in charge of keeping almost everything up to date. Students just need to sign up for the calendars that they want to see, and the events on those calendars will automatically show up and get updated when plans change.

Sports teams, clubs and other groups can use Google Calendar to keep students, teachers and parents current with their group schedule. Groups with more than one leader (for example, a coach and two captains) can easily designate multiple "owners" to keep the calendar updated.


1. Go to https://www.google.com/calendar and use the help sheet below to create one or more calendars in Google Calendar.
2. Add a few events to your calendar. (experiment with the Tasks gadget if desired)
3. Share your calendar using the instructions on the help sheet.
4. On the DISCUSSION tab of this page, respond to the question. Respond to any posts you feel strongly about or have something to add to or add your own discussion topic.
5. Create a new page on your wiki called "Google Calendar." On the "Google Calendar" page, journal about ideas you have for using Google Calendar in the classroom and embed your shared calendar (see the help sheet below for instructions).