Participants will understand how to use Google tools including advanced search features, Documents, Reader, Calendar, Toolbar, and Bookmarks.
Participants will understand how to utilize Google for Educators.
Participants will create lesson plans incorporating Google tools.

Course Description
This online course is about exploring Google tools and utilizing them to create activities to use in the classroom. Each week participants will explore an advanced Google feature and discuss how it can be used in the classroom. Six (6) learning activities will be completed over 6 weeks. Participants will publish their work each week by posting on a wiki they create in this course. At least one activity (from the entire 6 weeks) will be implemented with students.

This is an advanced technology course that has been developed with the expectation that participants already know how to operate a computer with proficiency and browse the internet. Participants should be self-motivated and able to meet weekly deadlines. This course is completely online. There are no actual class meetings. On the start date, you will receive an email from the trainers with all the instructions needed to complete the course. Support for the course will be available from the course trainers, other class participants and the campus technologist.

Participants will explore uses of Google tools in the classroom. They will also create lesson plans incorporating Google resources. It is expected that participants will share their course reflections in a wiki.

Class Notes
Instructions will be sent to you in an email from the instructors.